The ACADIA Rise (2013)


The ACADIA Rise (2013)

Aim: The ACADIA Rise workshop explored the conceptualisation, technologies and making of an architecture that is continuously sensing and dynamically adapting to its environment as it grows into form. The workshop took its point of departure from CITA’s predeeding project “the Rise” and further developed this research in the digital design and fabrication of aggregations of variably sized bundles of fibre material that multiply, bend, branch, and recombine in a distributed assembly that manifests an alternative to traditional structural systems. The workshop participants received insights into the algorithmic basis for the digital model, and both the CNC and physical processes of fabrication in a hands-on way.


Concept: For this phase of research, the focus was on exploring specifically adaptive systems. Adaptive systems are not only responsive to locally variable conditions, but also to change the topologies of their configuration in order to best deal with these differentiations. To achieve this capacity for dynamically adaptive open topologies, the ACADIA Rise specifically examines recombinative structural branching. Here, convex polyhedra are deployed as compression shells to structurally fix nodes of branching elements. The number, orientation, and performative functions of the elements in each polyhedron are determined entirely as an adaptive response to local structural needs and the installation’s desire to continue its growth. The final assembly operates as a synthesis of hard and soft members, of actively-bent elements knitted together into a strong, truss-like configuration.

Venue: Design/Build Workshop at the ACADIA 2013 Conference, Waterloo Architecture, Cambridge Ontario

Collaborators: Martin Tamke (CITA), David Stasiuk (CITA), Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen (CITA), Claus Rytter Bruun de Neergaard (CITA), Ida Tinning (, Annika Richmond (, Michael Fohring (CAN)

Workshop Participants: Parantad Bhatt, Thomas C Read, Justin Jones, Will Fu, Carolina Ramirez-Figuerora, Natalie Bellefleur, Evelyn Hofmann, Mona Dai