Self-organising performance (scale of the structure)


The sub-project Self-organising performance (scale of the structure) investigates how principles of self-organisation can be used for structural optimisation. Taking point of departure in large scale timber construction, the project examines how the FE analysis of the material dynamics (flex and bend) embedded in the single element can be parameterised so as to inform feedback loops within a complex model composed of interacting sub-systems and used in the design of a load bearing surface-membrane.

Inflated Restraint (2016)

Investigating cutting patterns and net topologies in a pneumatic hybrid


Inflated Restraint investigates how computational techniques of clustering and graph traversal can be applied in the context of cable stiffened pneumatic structures to produce new forms of expression.

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The Social Weavers (2013)


The Social Weavers is a bending active, non-standard grid shell structure made from fibre composite rods of variable diameter and stiffness. The installation develops aggregate self-forming processes that intersect with the behavioural activation and distribution of fibre-composites under design direction for the production of a novel architecture. 

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